Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I am officially single and looking! Now that I have ventured off the path of Sherrilyn Kenyon and onto new trails of authors I have found a lot of great books that I can’t wait to tell you about! In this post I’m going to tell you about the fabulous books of Jacquelyn Frank. There are three different series of hers that I absolutely love:

The Nightwalkers Series

This series is about a paranormal race called the Nightwalkers. Each book is about one of the men in this world and the women they love. There are demons, vampires, kings, enforcers, and more! I seem to go towards books with strong male leads and the women who bring them down to earth and into their hearts-This series definitely applys to that-- A must read! 

The Shadowdwellers Series

The Shadowdwellers are a mysterious race that must survive by staying as far away from the light-loving humans that cover the earth. The titles of these books explain it all, they are without a doubt filled with ecstasy, pleasure, rapture, along with passion and love. I think this is my favorite series of Jacquelyn Frank, I love the culture of the Shadowdwellers--this is one of those series that I wish I could be a main character.

The Gatherers Series

So cool! Okay I was completely awestruck by the world in which these characters live in. It was one of the reasons why I loved reading both of these books. Just like in the other 2 series there is danger, lust, forbiddin love, however the landscape-- I can't even explain it, just go buy the damn books.


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