Monday, September 27, 2010

Mindless Mondays

Well folks I have come across some pretty important headlines that I would like to share with you on this lovely Mindless Monday…let’s dive right in shall we?

So, everyone knows Will Smith, you know; tall dark and handsome. His adorable daughter Willow Smith has come out with a single ladies and gents! What is this masterpiece called you ask? ‘Whip My Hair’. I have to confess that my roommate and I actually like this song, and soon there will be a video coming!! Pumped? I sure as hell am! However, my question is what will this do to her later? Ms. Smith I only 9 years old and I have to wonder if she will be just another star pop-singer who falls of the map? Yes, both of her parents are talented and have big names for themselves but is this young lady coming into the media spotlight too soon?

Lindsay Lohan. Oh Christ…really? So according to Lindsay along with her mom and sister went to the Dream Center, a mission and outreach program, which houses teen girls. The trio handed out purses as gifts and in my opinion probably some brilliant words of advice and encouragement…give me a damn break. Send this girl to a padded cell and throw away the keys I’m so done hearing about her is anyone else with me?

...You can all thank me later for updating you on these very important stories, I know your lives are better for having this tid bit of information. Happy Mindless Monday's everyone!

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"On Monday mornings I am dedicated to the proposition that all men are created jerks." ~H. Allen Smith


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