Thursday, September 9, 2010


I mentioned the book 'Water Bound' by Christine Feehan in my previous post, and I have begun reading! I really like this book so far, it's a little frustrating at the moment because I'm a good ways into the book and the two main characters, Rikki and Lev, will not just give into their damn feelings! Besides that, Ms. Feehan is extremely descriptive when it comes to her characters, scenery, and emotions...which I love. Also, both Rikki and Lev have serious issues but completely except them in the other person, however, they can't deal with the fact that the other person is willing to except and learn about them. It's a lot like regular people; we all have 'ticks' and we deal with them however, we think that people can't love us because of it when they are blatantly telling us that they do...I'm excited to see where this story is going. The tension is building and it has to give way soon!!

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"Never judge a book by its movie." ~J. W. Eagan


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